29 October 2015

The Jetson’s View on How to Identify you Most Valuable Employees

So I woke up pretty early this morning, and as I’m sure you all do, I started thinking about a better way of finding and assessing your high performers. Not... Read more...

9 October 2015

Generator Talent Group launches Indium4

Today we announce the launch of our new business which supports start-ups, SMEs and other emerging clients in Australian and New Zealand called Indium4. Developed and led by our younger consultants,... Read more...

24 September 2015

I was busy doin’ something close to nothin’

Yes, it’s a line from the classic Prince song Raspberry Beret . . . and apologies upfront if you don’t get the song out of your head for a while,... Read more...

11 September 2015

The Four Elements of Performance Management

In recent posts I pointed out that Douglas Macgregor identified issues with the practice of performance appraisal in an HBR article nearly sixty years ago, issues scarily similar to the... Read more...

4 September 2015

A Further Uneasy Look at Performance Appraisal

Recently I published a post highlighting that while there has been a lot written about the failings of performance management practices and, the fact some high profile organisations have announced... Read more...

14 August 2015

An Uneasy Look at Performance Management

Ok wait. That’s not the title of my post! That’s the title of an article by Douglas Macgregor in the May-June 1957 issue of Harvard Business Review. Yep, that’s right,... Read more...

26 July 2015

My Memories of Craig Norgate

It’s been a sad week with Craig Norgate’s funeral in Taranaki, and along with many others, the tragedy of losing a colleague and friend too soon has really sunk in.... Read more...

10 July 2015

Five Things you can learn from my First Marathon (without having to actually race)

Last Sunday I ran my first ever full marathon on the Gold Coast. I chose it because the course is fast, it’s fun, it’s warm and there are plenty of... Read more...

3 July 2015

Keep your Eyes on your Goal

I remember when I first started riding a bike with seriously good riders.  I’d been riding for a while and competed in triathlons for some time, but if you asked... Read more...

1 July 2015

Farewell to the Financial Year – So, What’s Next?

Welcome to the new financial year, though for most of us, the old one still hangs on doggedly and will do so for a few more weeks. The new financial... Read more...

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12th March 2020

In Defence of HR

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17th February 2020

The HR Strategy Health Check

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The Best Time for a Performance Review

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