29th September 2016

The Next Chapter in our Story

When Generator Talent started in 2007, we did a range of talent-related work; search, leadership development and consulting. When you start up a consulting business, you feel the need to be broad and diverse to make sure you can survive.  In the first five years, we expanded this model and grew to seven people.  Our offerings became more focused across the three practices and we continued to do well across them – each one made up about a third of our revenue each year.

Yet, some of our clients didn’t really understand what we did – we heard comments like “I didn’t know you did leadership programs as well” and “you don’t act like the other search people around town”.  So in 2013 we decided to become more pure-play and created three separate brands and web-presences to reflect the three streams of work we did; a search firm, a leadership development company and a consulting business.  We (and our clients) really liked all the things we did and we didn’t want to stop doing any of it.  We just wanted to show more focus and look more like our competitors in each practice area.

This new approach worked well, and we continued to grow our business each year, to the point where we are now, with 15 staff across three offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.  When people asked what we did, we had to talk about the three lines of business, the three separate brands, the products and services, blah, blah.  It was a logical, yet in many ways more complex elevator pitch. But all the time that we worked under our three separate brands, our group name has remained Generator Talent, as did our email addresses.

Late last year we got approached by some pure-play search/recruitment companies interested in discussing how we might work together, as they saw value in our breadth of work and capability.  We then spent some time at our annual strategy retreat thinking about our business and came to a stark conclusion – we were still the single Generator Talent business in the eyes of our clients, and many of them engaged us across our three practice areas.  In fact, they saw it an advantage that we could work with them across the breadth of their talent agenda – more so than most of our competitors.  So, if some of our competitors and clients looked at our breadth as an attractive thing, then maybe we should recognise this too, and be proud of that fact?

So we begin a new chapter in our story. Welcome to the new Generator Talent Group, with a new logo and website and some great new products/services – but mostly doing the same things that have made us so successful all along– Designing and Delivering Integrated Talent Solutions.  A single business that works across the spectrum of talent.

We’ve evolved a lot of our processes and products along the way to best meet our clients’ needs, responding to technology, change and innovation. This means we’ve got some great new ideas and programs to offer; however, working with us will remain to be the same – we’re still flexible and pragmatic and most importantly, we love solving problems for clients.

What do we do? We FIND, DEVELOP & ALIGN Talent.  We do this like no-one else and are proud of it.  As simple as that.


Glen Petersen


Generator Talent Group

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