17th October 2018

Meet our new partner in Melbourne, Jayne Crow

Jayne is a Partner in our Melbourne office. She is a pragmatic, outcomes focused professional with over 20 years’ experience in senior HR and Corporate Services roles, including leadership of HR, HSE, Public Relations, Communications, and IT.  This leadership diversity has provided Jayne with a depth of understanding of business operations, which she applies to help organisations drive business performance through people. She has worked across multiple industry sectors including finance, energy, water, construction, and industrial services, and has worked in several significant, blue-chip companies that include AMP, Vision Super, Citywide, and Spanish construction, water and energy giant ACCIONA.

Throughout her career Jayne has helped organisations navigate through significant transformational change, has had extensive experience with executive and senior talent acquisition, organisational design, culture audits and alignment, succession planning, assessment, leadership development, coaching, mediation and industrial relations. Finding and developing great leaders and aligning organisational culture with corporate strategy are areas that Jayne is particularly passionate about. With an early career background in finance before moving into HR, Jayne has strong commercial acumen allowing her to effectively partner to provide practical and operationally focused outcomes. This is supported by an Associate Diploma in Accounting, Post Graduate Certificate in Business, and a Bachelor of Science/Psychology, from Macquarie University in Sydney.

In addition, she’s a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Outside of work Jayne enjoys camping, hiking, hitting a squash ball around; she is also an avid gamer.

More about Jayne

Describe the way you chose to live your life in one sentence

Healthy and happy!

What tunes will you be spinning on the Sonos in the GT office?

Florence and The Machine

Describe your three dream dinner party guests and why?

This is hard! There are so many to choose from! But here goes:

  1. David Attenborough – because he has lived an absolutely fascinating life and understands our natural environment so well. I wonder if there is anywhere he hasn’t been, and if so then why. I love travel and I love our natural environment, he is top of my list.
  2. Elon Musk – because he is an interesting thinker and could provide some real insights on where the world is heading in the future. And he is a bit controversial at times and this always injects a bit of life into a dinner party conversation!
  3. Jacinta Arden – because she is paving the way as a new breed of leader in the political scene and is both smart and savvy at a time when there is so much political disillusionment around the world.

What’s your favourite book on business and/or leadership?

Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits’ because it had such an impact on me early in my career. It instilled a passion for thinking and acting in a very deliberate way to achieve what I wanted to achieve.

Pho or Ramen?


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