01st July 2020

10 Signs You Take People Performance Seriously

Just as Financial Performance identifies how well a company generates revenues, manages its assets, liabilities, and the financial interests of its stakeholders, People Performance identifies how well a company leverages and maximises the investment it makes in people. At a time when budgets are under pressure it more important than ever to make sure your people performance strategy is delivering results.

People performance is not just about what HR is doing. That’s part of it, but not all of it.

Take the People Performance Challenge.

How many of the following apply to your organisation? (and I don’t know is a ‘No’)

  1. You are meeting all the expectations of your stakeholders.
  2. You are beating the market and/or the competition.
  3. You are better than peer companies in your product offering, and/or your customer engagement and/or your operating efficiency.
  4. You have said ‘No’ to any of the above yet 90% of your employees are ‘performing to expectations’.
  5. The turnover of high performers or in people critical roles is lower than the average rate of turnover.
  6. You talk about the capabilities needed in five years’ time and therefore recruit against them.
  7. You know your people are performing better or are more capable than your competitor’s people.
  8. You are self-sustaining in people; you recruit from outside of your organisation for less than 10% of your senior roles.
  9. You spend less money on recruiter fees than you do on developing the performance capability of your current employees.
  10. You make immediate direct appointments from a succession plan because your ‘Ready Now’ talent is in fact ready now.
  11. Your approach to people performance is a multi-dimensional process involving teams and driving culture as well as focussing on individual performance and development and allocating rewards.

What’s your Result?

  • Seven or More: You have a robust level of People Performance. Keep it up!
  • Four to Six: You are average, no better or worse than most. Is that good enough?
  • Less Than Three: You are relying probably relying on luck to get through. Pick one area to improve.

How robust is your People Performance agenda? Want to have an obligation free conversation about where you are at and maybe a whiteboard session on where you are going? Get in touch, even if we don’t end up working together having a thinking partner to test your ideas is always time well spent.

Justin Miles

Justin Miles

Manager Partner, Melbourne at Generator Talent
Justin is the Managing Partner of our Melbourne office, an outcome focused leader with a track record of driving business performance through proven talent and organisation development practices. Justin’s methods and skills have been shaped by working with performance oriented leaders in great companies including PepsiCo, The Campbell Soup Company, Diageo, Rip Curl, Fonterra and Wesfarmers, in Australia, the USA and Latin America.
Justin Miles

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