We can generate insights on job markets, potential candidates and competition.

Effective succession management requires a proactive approach to optimising opportunities, capability improvement and leadership effectiveness. We leverage our corporate experience, connections and research to provide timely and actionable market and competitor intelligence.

Talent Insights is a great way to generate data, intelligence and options before acting.


Succession Insights

Centred on our deep expertise in research, our Succession Insights solution provides companies who lack internal successors for key and critical roles an actionable pool of external candidates.

This can provide risk assurance in the event of an unplanned vacancy, and can integrate with internal succession pools and provide organisations with strong continuity risk mitigation.


Competitor Insights

Our Competitor Insights solution involves building a thorough understanding of how your competitors are structured, to generate the insights you need to compete and win.

We can build organisational charts, identify key talent in targeted functional areas, build a picture of functional teams sizes, detail how remuneration or culture compares and identify key business drivers and strategies.


Diversity Solutions

Building a diverse workforce takes time – and for many organisations it’s now a critical corporate objective.

We can work with you to drive outcomes where a more specific gender or otherwise diverse pool of candidates is required.  Our Diversity Solutions can be developed and leveraged for all key functions or job families, targeting short-term or long-term initiatives.


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