Our researchers build talent pipelines to boost succession planning and talent acquisition.

Generator Talent’s succession methodology involves building maps and pools of talent at all levels in key functional areas – while not charging any transactional placement fees. This approach to creating succession pipelines can provide a particularly strong ROI for companies looking to build new teams, hire multiple people or scale up operations in periods of growth.


Market Mapping

We’ve developed an effective, research-based approach to Market Mapping individual roles or job families across any industry and function.

Clients engage us to design the research parameters and to execute targeted research to build a map of a particular role or job family. This can be a fast and cost effective way for clients to address their talent challenges.

Within two weeks we can usually map up to 200 candidates who match the research parameters – more if the parameters are broad.


Talent Pooling

A substantial step beyond our Market Mapping process, we are able to engage with, interview, and profile potential candidates who are qualified and motivated to be included in a Talent Pool.

This process includes a Market Map, but builds on it to provide richer data on candidates. Within three weeks, we can usually develop a Talent Pool of around 10 candidates who tightly match the brief and are willing to be profiled for the role.

Clients find this information useful in building a pipeline of talent for key roles, or to have ready-to-activate candidates for a full executive search process.


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