29th October 2015

The Jetson’s View on How to Identify you Most Valuable Employees

So I woke up pretty early this morning, and as I’m sure you all do, I started thinking about a better way of finding and assessing your high performers. Not only what they achieve, but what value they are to the business.

So then I started thinking, who are the most valuable people in a business? I think the answer is this….

The most valuable people to your business are the ones that the customers, suppliers or external stakeholders think are the best.

Yes, they have to be able to work in a team, have leadership and fit the culture, but in terms of the value in supplying your product and service, your customers know best.

You will always remember the barista that gives you a big smile, remembers your coffee order and gives you a free taste of their raw brownie over the barista who just makes coffee. The café owner may only see the output (a cup of coffee) as the only value, but the customer will see value in a different sense, and guess which barista they will go back to?

OK, I know this is risky – customer opinion is wide, varied and also has similar halo affect dilemmas to overcome, but if you could get the information in the form of hundreds or thousands of data points (both qualified and quantified) in one place, these dilemmas and uncertainties would even out.

Just as communications departments type in their company name at the start of the day to a Media Monitors or a similar tool to find all the related news, tweets, posts etc., imagine if you could do that for each member of your team!  How cool would that be? You’d find out the good, the bad and the ugly, but ultimately you’d:

  1. Identify the people of most value to your company so you can hold onto them
  2. Identify characteristics of high performers that your business can recruit to
  3. Get a real picture of all your staff and how they are working in a customer facing position day-to-day

And as a result ……keep and recruit the HIGHEST PERFORMING TEAM EVER.

Now, we know more than most that it’s still important to have some internal collection of data and assessment to discover the value the customer doesn’t see, but the addition of this perspective would make a real difference to individuals, teams, and development of a high performing culture, and all driven from the customer experience.

Now all we need is someone who can create the technology that can collect random conversations, tweets, and client/employee experiences in real time. Anyone got any ideas?

*Jetson Family…..please help!

Elise Barter
Principal Consultant
Generator Talent Group

*Also accepting assistance from any modern day equivalent. Google – please?

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