Executive Search

Our consulting success has been built on doing retained executive search in a fast, transparent and effective way. When there’s a critical role to be placed, and clients want to be assured of accessing the best available, qualified and interested candidates, then retained executive search is the best solution. Our success in executing great retained Executive Search is built on three factors – Research, Talent & Connections:

The starting point for great executive search is great research. We’ve built the foundation of our success in executive search through becoming outstanding at this. With a thirst for knowledge, we love researching and learning about new industries and businesses, and we’ve developed research capacity that allows us to go just about anywhere in the world to find the best people.

We build our clients’ businesses through helping them acquire great talent. We believe great people really do make a difference, and we can discern talent when we see it. It requires a combination of art and science to understand what true talent is. Our experience comes from years of running a successful executive assessment practice, combined with our own instincts from years of working in executive roles.

The best candidates often aren’t looking, and need to be compelled to the right opportunity. Our experience and approach allows us to make the right connections and advocate our clients’ organisations better than most. We can advise on the right next career moves, and place our clients’ roles in the front of the right people’s minds. We get the right people into the right opportunities.