15 May 2015

What your HR Persona says about your Leadership Style

A word that you don’t see much in common use these days, persona evolved from an ancient Greek term to describe the masks actors used in plays.  Short of talent,... Read more...

13 May 2015

This thing called work, I just can’t handle it….

Who came up with idea that 5 days a week, and 40+ hours is the way ‘work’ should work? A lot of us grew up in the world where this... Read more...

8 May 2015

Thinking About the Craft of HR

If you’re a Human Resources leader, then you have a craft that you should develop and nurture.  From our research and experience, we think there are two main elements to... Read more...

4 May 2015

Fixing the Human Resource Function. The debate continues

Since we launched our HR Mastery Program in 2014, the debate on how the Human Resource function should increase its impact has raged.  A spirited discussion between Ram Charam and... Read more...

1 May 2015

BLOG SERIES: The Most Memorable Thing I’ve Learnt

We thought we’d start a blog series featuring our Partners, friends and guests.  The aim is for people to share, in less than 1000 words, the most memorable thing they’ve... Read more...

23 April 2015

Competition and Compensation: What it takes to Get, and Keep the Best Talent?

In today’s world of work, there aren’t many things that can’t be replicated, making it harder and harder for businesses to differentiate themselves. That is, except people. Unless you’ve got an... Read more...

15 April 2015

Executive Search – The Shared Economy’s newest Participant

Has anyone not seen the following information in a feed? • Facebook, the world’s biggest media platform creates no content • Air Bnb, the world’s largest accommodation website has no... Read more...

10 April 2015

What we know about Accelerating Team Performance

In recent posts we talked about why a focus on teams is critical to driving organisational performance and 7 P’s of Team Performance.  That leaves us to describe how you... Read more...

27 March 2015

Interview or Toss a Coin – Which is Better?

Observation 1: The Interview Process is not Science! The process of interviewing someone as part of a selection process is not a science; there is no sure fire methodology that... Read more...

23 March 2015

Get your Black Cap On- What the win says about Team Performance

Normally when we talk about black caps at Generator Talent, we’re discussing DeBono’s thinking hats!  This time, given the New Zealand cricket teams meteoric success recently, we’ve turned over the... Read more...

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