10 April 2015

What we know about Accelerating Team Performance

In recent posts we talked about why a focus on teams is critical to driving organisational performance and 7 P’s of Team Performance.  That leaves us to describe how you... Read more...

27 March 2015

Interview or Toss a Coin – Which is Better?

Observation 1: The Interview Process is not Science! The process of interviewing someone as part of a selection process is not a science; there is no sure fire methodology that... Read more...

23 March 2015

Get your Black Cap On- What the win says about Team Performance

Normally when we talk about black caps at Generator Talent, we’re discussing DeBono’s thinking hats!  This time, given the New Zealand cricket teams meteoric success recently, we’ve turned over the... Read more...

17 March 2015

Executive Coaching – Science, Art or Snake Oil?

When is Executive Coaching the right answer? For the purposes of this blog, I’m talking about coaching business Executives for professional development purposes. I’m not talking about professional psychological counselling,... Read more...

13 March 2015

Why Storytelling is so hot right now

If you haven’t noticed, storytelling is the hot, new thing in leadership.  Along with paleo food, spelt bread and beards, there’s a trend to going back to the basics and... Read more...

vulnerable leader 9 March 2015

How Vulnerable should I be as a Leader?

With the increased focus on emotional intelligence, leaders have been encouraged to show their vulnerable side.  But can showing vulnerability actually work against you?  Co-founder of Accelerating Executive Presence (AEP)... Read more...

18 February 2015

The 7 Ps of Team Performance

Way back in 1965 Bruce Tuckman put forward his now famous “Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing” model of team development.  Tuckman’s model identified the phases necessary and inevitable... Read more...

13 February 2015

Lessons from the G.O.D.S – The New Balance in Executive Search

I can remember the ‘good old days’ (g.o.d.s) when the Companies I worked for didn’t feel equipped or prepared to go to market themselves for the ‘big jobs’ so these... Read more...

9 February 2015

A cause to get behind in 2015

So when you’re ready to make a stand, open your mouth and raise your hand, when you’re sick of your parties, sick of your sweets, get off you’re arses, I’ll... Read more...

30 January 2015

Teams are the Windows to Your Organisational Culture

Just as ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’, teams are the way to see the truths of your organisational culture.  So why do organisations spend inordinately more time... Read more...

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