About us

What we do

We help organisations solve their Leadership Succession challenges.

Our purpose is to work with organisations to ensure they create sustainable success through their people.  We operate at individual, team and organisation levels, and provide intelligence, insights and practical talent solutions so that businesses can perform better, for longer.

What we mean by Leadership Succession

We’re able to design and deliver end-to-end Succession solutions like no-one else.

We help organisations deal with Leadership Succession in multiple ways; we address individual succession, ensuring organisations can plan and execute the right key executive appointments, whether they be from within or outside the organisation. We work with teams and functions within organisations to ensure they have the capability they need to succeed in the long term.  And, we reshape the factors of organisation design and structure to ensure ongoing operating success.

Why clients engage us

Clients hire us to solve their talent and organisation problems.

We’re often engaged to research and find the best talent and to develop great leaders in businesses. Clients engage us to get their organisations working better, and to help them create a better future. They trust us because we take time to understand their business, and because we do what we say we will.

Generator Talent Group - Overview

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Generator Talent Group - Overview
Generator Talent Group - How we help
Generator Talent Group - Our difference
Generator Talent Group - Why clients engage us
Generator Talent Group - What we mean by Integrated

See what our clients have to say...

Working with them was really enjoyable, insightful and productive. Having known Generator Talent for a number of years, I was confident in the level of skill, agility and valuable perspective they could bring from design through to implementation. They certainly met my expectations and delivered a true partnership approach.

Mary Lemonis VP HR Campbell-Arnott's Asia Pacific

We will continue to use Generator Talent ­ they are a true business partner, go above and beyond in delivery and enable outcomes to be achieved far quicker. They leave knowledge with internal staff and are quite simply the best you find to work with when contemplating complex global change.

Rhoda Phillippo Past Group Managing Director and Executive Chair VIC Technology

Partnering with the team at Generator Talent is an absolute pleasure. Their experience, expertise and ability to deeply understand our unique business challenges has resulted in successful engagements on every front. They aren’t afraid to challenge current thinking and bring external research to the table to support alternative perspectives.

Graham Moody Head Of People & Culture Ansarada

We chose to work with Generator Talent because of the need to engage with a partner who took the time to fully understand our industry, our business and our strategic plan, and then deliver an outcome tailored to that knowledge.

Alastair Huburt CEO Turners & Growers

Our History

In 2004, too poor and restless to retire, and taking that long European summer break that I’d promised myself, I stood on the Palatine Hill in Rome, reading the Lonely Planet guide-book that described how Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus “high on the Palatine, overlooking the oxbowcurve of the Tiber river”. It was that moment when I realised my destiny for the second half of my career.

Ending the holiday with my family, I returned to Sydney and started a consulting business later that year, and called it Oxbowcurve

Consulting (something about that word and the moment left an impression on me).

Working initially from my kitchen table at Palm Beach, I sketched out the essentials of what that great consulting business could look like. I printed cards, rang some contacts and got the ball rolling. I soon moved the operation to the CBD of Sydney, and took space in a serviced office.

By 2007, the business had become Generator Talent to better define our focus and work. We expanded our practices, moving to our own permanent George St office. I added staff and our first Partner, Paul Bethell. Since that time, we’ve grown to a business of multiple Partners, and moved to a larger office in Martin Place, Sydney. We now operate a true Trans-Tasman business, with

offices in Melbourne and Auckland as well – together they form what is now known as the Generator Talent Group.

While a lot has changed since that day in Rome, we still hold true to our paragon of being the type of business that we’d like to work with if we were still clients: “WORKING WITH MY MATES, DOING WORK WE LOVE, WITH CLIENTS WE LIKE”. It’s as simple as that!

Glen Petersen, CEO

Our Difference


We understand that when you’re looking for help with talent, it’s good to know that the people you’re talking to have seen it, done it and got the T-shirt, so to speak. We have unmatched capability and experience in driving greater outcomes through people. The source of all wisdom is experience; our clients wholeheartedly agree.


Let’s just say that we have a passion for talent that begins with a capital P. Not only are we dedicated to finding great solutions. we’re truly passionate about it. We’re astute judges of talent and we take pride in providing real solutions that deliver step-change results. We work with a sustainable social conscience and collaborate with people we like and respect.


Our clients tell us that they value our pragmatic approach. They like that we’re different because, when it comes to delivering  solutions, our advice is based on real experience. Our team work fast and deliver with energy and enthusiasm to solve problems and make a difference in our clients’ organisations.