Our Strengths

Industry knowledge

Our long corporate careers, years of search work and hundreds of assignments have left us with some core strengths. While our research capability allows us to work across any sector, we’re very strong within:

  • Consumer Products & Services
  • Engineering & Industrial Services
  • Technology & Communications
  • Retail & Fashion
  • Mining & Resources
  • Financial Services

Executive experience

Because most of our Partners have worked as executives on the client-side of a range of significant organisations, we’re familiar with most functions and roles.

Our track record shows our strengths in:

  • CEO & General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Finance & Accounting

Global connections

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland we have a strong Trans-Tasman focus.

Our research and flexibility have allowed us to undertake assignments with roles based in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and North America.

By leveraging technology, our research, and alliance partnerships, we go above and beyond to achieve the best results.

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